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Morning Star Cupboard And...
Welcome To

The place touched by
Morning Star Magick~

"Hey! Why is there that 'ghost girl' up at the top
right part of your website page...?"

"How very observant of you to notice her....! She is
but an image to depict YOU, yes YOU, carrying a
Curious Bag of our Curious Goods out of our shop
and into your car to bring home... or to your office~
smiling as you oh so carefully drive away!
.....How cool is that?
You can now picture yourself doing that, can't you?"
We sure can~! 

        Please visit the
              ESHOP page 
       at the top of this page
              to see photos of
                 our V. Cool stuff~!!!
You can also
   click on them
       to see
       an enlarged view!  

  ***   Exciting News~!!!   ***

You can now order from a our ESHOP page
              using a personal computer~
       We are Very Sorry, but a smart phone is
                     not compatible with
the ESHOP set up as of yet.
              We're Very Sorry for any inconvenience.

The price shown for each item includes carefully wrapping the items and the shipping to you (or where you'd like it sent to~ with a personalized note~!), using USPS Priority Mail, which usually arrives in 2 to 3 days!!!

  Many of the items shown on this website
       are hand made, and can be similarly made if you
              would like to purchase some!
   Of course, as most are hand made and hand decorated,
                     they will not be an exact copy~
        and that is part of the charm of what we do!!!


We also do custom artwork / phrases for you at No additional cost~! Just email us with your request!!!
( Note: We will Not do anything that we feel is
offensive, hateful or hurtful to anyone~. )

Our Phone number is: (802)-595-9003
Our email address is: morningstarca@yahoo.com


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